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Toni Carraway-Smith

Author, Speaker, Advocate

Healing author, inspiring speaker, determined advocate. As a former victim of abuse, I now dedicate my life to helping others break free.


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My devotional guide from Piti, Pitiful, to Plenty –

I Hear you God is a personal testimony of faith and perseverance. The wisdom and experiences from the author’s life challenges from growing up as an abused teen, to teenage pregnancy, and illiteracy has been compile in this journal.


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“I Hear you God” Just like title in itself, it describes the intimate relationship one must have with our creator in order to hear his voice. 


All glory to God for allowing dreams to become realities. Mrs. Toni continue to let patience have its perfect work so that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. 

"I hear you god" Reader

As the legacy of faith was passed down from her grandmothers; she reminds us to pass that onto our families too.  

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Prayer is a conversation with God. It is essential”. If you find yourself struggling to discern what is ‘essential’ especially in this day & time. This devotional will serve as a reminder that God speaks to us and we can hear Him, if we truly listen. 
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from nothing to something

Toni “Charmaine” born in “Sunnyside” Houston, Texas.  She is a Mother of three sons and Wife, married for 26 years.  She is not only a writer of her first devotional book “I Hear You God” but also the Co-Writer and Producer of the Stage Play “From Piti Pitiful to Plenty” a true story of her life.  Toni has been volunteering in the prisons since 1993.  She’s transparent about sharing her story dropping out of school in the seventh grade and having her first son at the age of fourteen and second son at sixteen years old.  Her writing started because her passion was to one day graduate and go to college to study journalism due to her early motherhood she went on welfare to homelessness and the story did not stop there.  She’s is a two time attempted failed suicide survivor and domestic abuse survivor and now speaks about her life through her writing, speaking engagements and the airwaves anytime she has the opportunity.  To this day, she speaks with a soft and caring heart and tone hoping to inspire as many souls as possible.

She pursued her GED and to follow received her certification as Christian Counselor and Domestic Violence Advocate.  Her faith in God and perseverance plays the role in her marriage and her accomplishments.

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